“…and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost….” Acts 6:5

It is one thing to be filled, but it also matters with what we are filled. Some men are filled with anger.  Some are filled with greed, or with jealousy.  Some desire position and the praise of men and continually drop hints about their accomplishments.  What we are filled with determines what comes out—in our words, in our actions, in our thoughts.  I remember one lady whose heart was set on owning a farm.  She found herself at death’s door and the thought of a farm was somehow now of no concern.  Other things were had become more important.  However, a few weeks later, when she had regained her strength, she again was discussing the idea of a farm.  What is in us is going to come out.

Those who are filled with Christ will speak of Christ. Those who are filled with love will demonstrate love.  Stephen was filled with the thoughts of Christ and Him crucified.  His preaching  angered some, it convicted others, but his message in words and actions showed what he was filled with.   Let us strive to be filled with Christ so that our actions will point others to Him.  Those who want to be great in the eyes of God will be the servant of men.  As the example of Christ washing his disciples’ feet shows us, to be a servant is the goal of the true believer.

Dalbert Walker