Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: II Peter 2:10


Another area for inspection in making our election sure is in our practice of stewardship. If I belong the Christ, all that I have belongs to Christ. Churches teach us about the tithe, the tenth part of our income. The local church needs support, and other ministries depend on our gifts to stay in operation. I know some families who double tithed in order to help their pioneer church get on its feet and become established. But even with a double tithe, that still leaves 80%. What are we to do with that? Is that for our own discretionary spending?

When we belong to Christ, Christ owns it all. If Christ owns it all that means we are just stewards of His money. Even paying utilities, loans, entertainment, clothes, and random spending must be guided by the principle of “Is this what He wants?” And what of the extra that ends up in the savings account? Do we just start accumulating for a rainy day?

God blesses His people who live by His principles. Included in that blessing is financial increase. But this increase is not for consumption on ourselves, but rather that His Kingdom might increase. God entrusts us with financial blessings that we may be channels through which He can build His Kingdom on earth. I once heard it illustrated this way: When we open our hand to give to others, God can continue to put more into our hand. When we close our hand to keep it for ourselves, God is shut out from giving us more. We need to make our election sure by acting as stewards of God’s blessings and not being possessive for ourselves.

Dalbert Walker